With 10,000+ workouts in 60+ class types, lululemon Studio has plenty of options to get your body moving. But which workout is right for you? Below is a quick reference guide to help you get started. 

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For those who want to level up their strength routine

  • Kettlebells: Increase strength, endurance, and cardiovascular health with one of the most versatile tools in fitness. Our Kettlebell Tutorial Series, with workouts led by Katie, Lance, and Hollis, will teach you the foundational skills needed before trying our Skill Building and Training classes. To learn more about Kettlebells, read this Q&A with our own Kettlebell expert, Katie.
  • Build Muscle and Build Muscle 2: These two strength-focused programs, which include classes from Chris, Armond, Hollis, and Gerren, are designed to Increase mass and build muscle. Both are six weeks long and designed to be taken in order.
  • Guest trainer Morit Summers: If you're looking for a more personal training-style strength workout, look no further than Morit. The lululemon Ambassador and expert fitness consultant brings her smart and approachable technique to every class.

For those who have never tried yoga before

  • Intro to Yoga Program: Start your yoga journey with Patricia. This four-week program will teach you basic yoga poses and help you get connected to your body, breath, and mind.
  • Guest Trainer Jeremy Walton: The lululemon Ambassador and performance coach combines yoga with other modalities such as strength, cardio, and conditioning. His classes are perfect for first-timers looking to add mindfulness to their routine.
  • Yoga + Strength classes: Join Katie in a beginner-level Yoga + Strength class and combine basic sequences with high-intensity strength exercises.

For those who want to add meditation to their fitness routine

  • Peace of Mind: Meditation Series: Join Patricia, Rachel, and Pilin in this four-week program designed for all levels. Move through our meditations with the same trainer for each theme: Beginners, Breath, Happiness, and Stress.
  • Harry Jameson: Train for Life: Create healthy habits, both physically and mentally, with performance coach Harry Jameson. During this six-week program, you’ll focus on creating a holistic approach to fitness with cardio, strength, mobility, and meditation classes.

For those who are crunched for time

  • Quick Burns: This collection of 5 + 10-minute workouts gives even our busiest Members a chance to move daily, explore new genres, or squeeze in a quick yoga session between meetings.
  • The Daily 20: Every day at noon, we drop a new 20-minute workout so you can get a daily dose of cardio & strength while building a consistent fitness routine.
  • Tone Up in 20: Join lululemon Studio trainers Julie, Amanda, and Lonnie in this four-week program that mixes strength, cardio, barre, dance, and pilates into a comprehensive total body program. All classes are 20 minutes.

For new parents looking for a way to stay fit

  • Babywearing: Add flexibility to your workout schedule with these fun, total-body classes designed for parents of newborns. Julie will safely guide you through an energizing workout that includes elements of cardio, strength, and stretch, all with your little one nestled safely to your body.
  • Pre/Postnatal Classes: Get back into the fitness groove with these classes, designed to help you regain strength and flexibility.

For those who love a good challenge

  • Tabata Classes: Turn your cardio routine up a notch with this popular HIIT workout. You'll work through multiple intervals of an exercise for 20 seconds of maximum effort followed by 10 seconds of rest.
  • Monthly Challenges: New month, new chance to shine. Our monthly challenges are four-week, total body workout programs designed for two levels: Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced.
  • Expert-Level Classes: Challenge yourself with classes in every genre designed for at the most difficult skill level. From ballet to boxing to barre, see if you can keep up with our trainers.

For those looking to step into the ring

  • Guest Trainer: Sydney Rose Miller: Join the former high school English teacher and amateur boxer in this program for all levels. Start by learning the fundamentals and expand to more complex combinations. The program culminates in Fight Day, a 60-minute, advanced, final workout.
  • Getting Started: Intro to Boxing: Step into the ring for the first time with this beginner program. Over four weeks, Deja and XTina will help you master basic punches, amp up your agility with footwork, and learn to bob and weave with defensive maneuvers.
  • Kickboxing: Unleash the powerhouse inside with our collection of kickboxing classes. Led by Armond, these classes are available for beginner through advanced levels and available for all lengths.

For those looking for a fun way to cardio

  • Dance Cardio: Turn up the music, let your mind free, and get ready to move! All our Dance Cardio and Latin Dance classes are taught by lululemon Studio trainers Julie, Deja, Lonnie, and Amanda. 
  • Step Classes: Bring on the fun with this nostalgic workout that involves stepping up and down on a raised platform to the beat of the music.
  • Jump Rope Classes: Rediscover one of your favorite childhood activities and improve your strength, endurance, and coordination at the same time. All jump rope classes are led by Hollis and also include elements of a strength workout.
  • Hip-Hop Dance: Learn hip-hop choreography and get your sweat on at the same time! Join Amanda and Ashtain for a class experience unlike any other.

For those who want a workout that is gentle on the joints

  • 20 Essential Low Impact Classes: Add low-impact movements to your daily routine in this class collection that includes boxing, Pilates, cardio. and strength.
  • Gentle Yoga: Enjoy a slow-moving practice using breath and postures held for longer periods. Led by Pilin, Patricia, and Katie. Gentle Yoga is a great way to let your body recover after a tough day of physical activity.
  • Tai Chi: Looking to try something new? Join Lance in this moving meditation practice of the mind, body, and spirit.

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