Clear your calendar—we’re throwing a party. And you're invited!

Join us on the lululemon Studio Mirror on Saturday for a special live event celebrating the new year. During this day of exclusive classes, our lululemon Studio trainers have brought the best of their creativity to help you unleash the best of you. Check out the schedule below and join us live on Saturday for this one-of-a-kind event.

9:00 AM EST: Dance Off the Barre (with Julie): Join Julie for this one-of-a-kind hybrid workout blending moves her Cardio Dance and Barre classes. 

9:30 AM EST: Total Tabata (with Hollis): Get moving with Hollis as she leads you through a series of high-intensity exercises followed by short periods of rest

10:00 AM EST: HIIT It Hip Hop (with Amanda): Get your whole body sweating with this unique fusion of easy-to-follow hip hop dance combos and high-intensity cardio movements.

10:30 AM EST: Best of the 80s (with XTina): Bust out your favorite 80s gear and dust off your scrunchie socks! XTina is taking it way back with this retro workout featuring classic grapevines, hamstring curls, and more.

11:00 AM EST: Kicks and Lifts (with Armond): Combine kickboxing combos with foundational strength moves in this full-body knockout workout. 

11:30 AM EST: Power Up Pilates (with Patricia): Focus on your back body and movements to power up your posture in this unique Pilates session. 

12:00 PM EST: Skills + Drills (with Lance): Get ready to clean, swing and move with your kettlebells. This workout combines learning skills and drilling the movement to improve your kettlebell skills. 

12:30 PM EST: TMI – Tempo Metabolic Isometric (with Gerren): Join Gerren for this unique workout focusing on different strength and cardio movements. 

1:00 PM EST: Step + Sweat (with Lonnie): Grab a step and enjoy 30 minutes of the classic aerobics workout with the traditional moves of basic step, v-step, knee-ups, and more!

Ready to celebrate? We’ll see you Saturday!