Josephine Tansara lives in Brooklyn and works as a Senior Art Director at Spotify. Her fitness routine includes classes at home on the lululemon Studio Mirror and in-person at studios like Pure Barre, Y7, and Rumble. A native of Indonesia, she didn’t start working out regularly until moving to the United States 11 years ago. “Growing up, I didn't really feel connected to fitness because I was never taught that it was something you can enjoy,” she says. “It took me a couple of years to focus on how working out makes me feel better mentally, and how it helps with anxiety. Now I do it for my wellness rather than focusing on how I look or how society wants me to look.” 

Name: Josephine Tansara
Hometown: Brooklyn (via Jakarta, Indonesia)
Occupation: Senior Art Director at Spotify
Instagram username: @josephinetansara
lululemon Studio username: jojo.tansara

Favorite way to sweat: Strength classes with a friend, or reformer pilates and lower impact workouts on the Mirror when I’m on my own.

Favorite thing about lululemon Studio: The variety. I like to have a strength day, a cardio day, and a recovery day, and there are so many different ways to get in those workouts. I try not to get into one particular workout too intensely because I get burned out and bored from doing the same thing for a long time.

Favorite partner studio on the lululemon Studio Mirror: I love the Y7 Studio vibes. It's pretty much the playlist that I already have that I listen to on my own time. I think the music that I listen to when I'm working out really impacts how I feel during the class. 

Nap Room

Something that most people don't know about me: I make music and am in a band called Nap Room! I also like to narrate my life, vlog-style, when I’m alone, lol. 

Celebrity I most want to work out with: Emma Chamberlain looks like someone I could go to a workout with, then laugh together if we can’t finish the workout.

Favorite type of food: Indonesian and Sushi

Favorite travel destinations: Bali, Mexico City, Tokyo, and Bangkok

Next travel destinations: New Zealand, South Korea, and South Africa

Most adventurous thing I've ever done: Being a little too close to a Komodo Dragon

Something that always puts a smile on my face: Annoying my boyfriend and my dog, getting enough sleep, and Facetiming my family.

Favorite movie or TV show, and why: I love me some guilty pleasure reality TV shows that I can watch mindlessly! I also love K-dramas and crowd-favorites like White Lotus, Last of Us, Schitt’s Creek, and so many more.

Favorite quote or piece of advice to live by: In Indonesia, they say, “Anjing menggonggong, kafilah berlalu.” It means life goes on even if some people or things will try to stop progress.

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